Monday, December 11, 2006
Okay. Ordinarily, I am not prone to griping or complaining (too much!) in this blog. That's not my intent for writing. But today, I just have to. If you would rather spend your time reading something uplifting, I totally understand. I promise to behave tomorrow!

Last month one of my co-workers went on disability. She has Chrohn's disease, and the stress of working full-time was just too much for her and was making her condition worse. So she was given time off to get better and re-evaluate how much she wants to work if/when she comes back.

Unfortunately, when she left, it was discovered that she wasn't pulling her weight for her part of the job. For those who don't know, I work as a coordinator for a non-profit organization, and we split the job into three positions. She was in charge of some very critical things concerning our funding. And it seems like every week we are discovering something else she left either undone, or else just didn't bother to do.

Today I discovered she didn't do a report that was due last May and that we were given an extension on because of staffing issues in the spring. However, it was one of those extensions that had an immediate deadline once we were granted it. I was doing some leg work for our next report that is due next spring, when it was brought to light the first one hadn't been even submitted at all.

This just makes me mad. I find it so frustrating that someone would be irresponsible enough to jeopardize the integrity of our organization. I understand she was sick, but I told her every single week that if she needed help to tell me and I would do whatever she needed. Not once did she indicate she wasn't capable of doing this report. We all assumed it had been done and submitted, because she said she was taking care of it. But now, any future funding from this source is in peril because of this one major oversight. And of course, I get to be the one left scrambling to fix it.

What makes this most difficult, is this is someone I really like as a person. And I don't want it to affect our friendship. I've already been praying today for God to help me to forgive her. And I know I will. It's just going to take me a bit to get over my annoyance.

There. I feel a little better now! And this still isn't anywhere NEAR as stressful as the Santa Thing. That definitely tops the list!

I hope you don't all hate me now ~ please come back!!

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