Monday, December 04, 2006
Because they're cute
So as I get everything together for our big Santa Party this week, I thought I would share some fun things I've discovered along the way for your kids. Or you, if you're so inclined!

My friend Raelynn shared this site with me last night as I was looking for some snowflake patterns for decorating. I printed some out at work today and enlarged them a bit more. The best part is Emma can help me with the cutting! And she's free! Even Hannah can cut out the pattern for us to fold. This is a fun project for older kids who want snowflakes to look more like the real thing, or even to show them how to fold them in the first place so they can create their own.

One of the games we are going to play this weekend is Penguin Topple. I was trying to figure out how to make bowling fit in with a North Pole theme, and I came up with the idea to tape white ovals on the front of the pin, and then tape black wings on the sides. They actually resemble penguins, and my girls thought they were pretty cute. It took less than half an hour to make, and is a fun addition to your winter themed party. (And, yes, I know penguins don't live at the North Pole, they live at the South Pole. Miss Emma informed me of this today! But she still thought they were cute!)

If you have Microsoft Publisher, you can make your own Pin the Nose on Rudolph poster. I found a picture of the reindeer with no nose here. Then I cut and paste it into Publisher after selecting it's poster format. It prints off in pieces, but then you just fit it together like a puzzle. I laminated the sheets first, so that we can use tape on the backs of the noses, and it won't wreck the poster itself. Cheaper and easier than trying to find one in a store (and you know how much I love shopping in December!)

If I discover any more useful and cheap ideas, I'll share them with you! I'm a lot less stressed this week now that the big things are out of the way. Either that, or someone is praying for me! If it's you, thank you!

Happy playing!

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At 5:29 PM, Blogger Raelynn said...

I'm glad you liked the snowflakes! Thanks for the Rudolph picture-Danae had said that she wanted to do a"pin the nose on Rudolph" game for her birthday...who knew we would actually be able to do it! I printed it out, but you will have to show me how to laminate. what are you using for noses?

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

I'm just cutting out some red circles and putting tape on the back of them. Do you have a laminator? You could use contact paper, too. I'm spoiled - I get to use office stuff!


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